Surprise Landscape

I'd thought I was done with these landscape oils for now, but when I was asked to do a live painting at the RUH Royal Ball, how could I say 'no?' I took a look through photos I'd discarded the last go around, and chose this one for two reasons: the sky was lovely, and there are cows. Cows! The underpainting will be dry and ready to go for next Saturday. More photos to come, I'm sure.

Coffee Crowd Progress

Inking done, then a day of skin tones, a day of cleaning up pencil lines, and finally onto the colour.


I'm getting geared up to start using my sketchbook of coffee shop drawings, so I've been experimenting with how to draw and colour the end product. Consistent lines with a Micron pen? Thicker, varying lines with a dip pen? Coloured in pencil crayon, marker or watercolour? Maybe all three?

Creature Feature

Some WIP shots of my newest monster drawing. Since the last shot I've had to make a guide to fix the wonky shape of my 'circle' - that was a bit of a process...

Tiny City

I drew this little city in a 4"x6" accordion sketchbook with ten panels - there are plans to colour it in the future, but I also love it just as it is. Can you spot Santa? Have a peek at my Tumblr for bigger images.

Paper Cranes

Paper cranes, drawn on paper, scanned into a computer, blown up, printed, cutout, re-arranged, and drawn out again (by hand, because carbon paper doesn't work on lacquered panel). Evan wasn't convinced that all this fuss was easier than just winging it, but IT REALLY WAS.

Trouble In Paradise

This painting is making me bananas. When I see it, I want to throw things at it. Amongst whatever else is wrong with it, it's now overworked, and I don't know if I can save it. It bums me out, and I hate to give up, but this could be it.

It was the first painting I attempted in this landscape series, and so it was the least clearly defined going in, and I KNOW that not every painting works out... I just hate to be a quitter.