Floral Still Life

This floral drawing has taken me some time, as I've chosen to work from live flowers, rather than photos. It's nearly done, just waiting for a few small tweaks. I've never worked on black paper before, and found it quite interesting. It hurt my brain to have to think about shadows in reverse.

Black Paper

My flower still life side-project has finally moved onto the good paper. I’ve never worked on black before, but I’m really loving it, even it I feel like I’m channeling Zachary Logan a bit much, and even if it twists my brain, somewhat. It’s fun to watch this progress as I started with a small cluster and am now adding one flower at a time, depending on what I have in the house. I splurged on a big bouquet today that I’m really excited to get working on.


I'm finding my floral still life sketchbook oddly fulfilling and zen-like. There's an awesome side-effect of always having flowers on my dining room table...