Figure Drawing for Fun

I went to a great class recently with a terrific model. We’ll be doing some figure sessions at ACAD in the next few weeks, so this was a great warm-up.

Greenwater Lake

I took time while camping last weekend to draw around the campsite and at the lake. Anytime I draw anything at all botanical in nature, I find myself feeling like a Zachari Logan rip-off, but I enjoy it too much to stop.

Summer Sketchbook Adventures

Camping and hanging out at the park has been great practice this summer.

Library Playtime

I spent a fun few moments at the library during Kiddo’s school trip just trying to catch some of the kids playing. They move so fast (and so constantly)! It was a fun challenge for my 2017 figure drawing resolution. Also: was thinking of adding some lego pieces to Kiddo’s bedroom illustration. Sketches have me leaning towards just using wood blocks.