I'll always be the first to say that my portraits need work, so I've decided to lump that in with my 2017 resolution to improve my figure drawings. By the end of the year, I hope to have a self-portrait that maybe looks like me, even just a little, rather than a generic human being. It's good to have goals.

Library Playtime

I spent a fun few moments at the library during Kiddo’s school trip just trying to catch some of the kids playing. They move so fast (and so constantly)! It was a fun challenge for my 2017 figure drawing resolution. Also: was thinking of adding some lego pieces to Kiddo’s bedroom illustration. Sketches have me leaning towards just using wood blocks.

Sketchbook Oddity

I was pondering maybe doing a inside-outside drawing or watercolour, which resulted in practicing linear perspective, which lead me to this oddball hallway. Lyra is VERY interested in what's going on here, and is convinced that there's a cat just around the corner. I can't remember the last time I really worked in pencil (possibly as far back as university), but this just kept on going while I enabled my podcast addiction, and continued on when I started a new audiobook.