RUH Landscape Completed

My experience painting live at the RUH Foundation's Masquerade Ball was very interesting - I was surprised to find that I mostly tuned out the guests behind me and went about my business. It was much like painting at home (but with nicer clothes).

This landscape still has some drying to do, but I hope the winner will be pleased.



When I was revamping my website and going through photos of my paintings, I kept feeling like something was missing. And it was! I nearly forgot about this one. It was the only painting I completed post-baby (until recently), mostly because I felt I didn't have the long chunks of time I prefer when oil painting. It's sad (and goes to show how frazzled my mind was at the time) that this is the best photo I have. "Piles and Piles" went off to a good home shortly after this photo was taken.