Floral Finished

I picked up another bouquet and made a push to finish this floral still life for my portfolio. I've never done much with pencil crayons, certainly never on a heavier paper like this, and I've also never worked on black, so this was an interesting challenge for me. The end result is something I'm very happy with: I feel like the drawing has a lot of life to it, the flowers are identifiable even though I had fun with the colours, and I like the quirky balance of the layout. It'll make a great addition to my portfolio.

A Herd of Cranes

As my friend helpfully informed me, a group of cranes is called a 'herd.' Just finished these up today, and I'm very pleased with the result. It truly tested my self-restraint to let them float in space, rather than filling nearly every bit of wood.

That's That

This crazy, never ending drawing was started fourteen months ago. I set it aside for long stretches of time while I worked on other things, and it honestly felt like a huge weight around my neck every time I looked at it, because I knew that -really- I should just finish it already. Now it represents an entire year of my life. Strange. Anyway, I feel relieved. And I think I'll take photos tomorrow.