figure drawing

Figure Drawing

From ‘figure drawing for fun’ to ‘figure drawing for class,’ and lots of it. But this was all very enjoyable: a few pages of planar figures, and a few more of tonal. We were able to draw at our leisure for this assignment, working from photos or imagination, rather than live models.

Figure Drawing for Fun

I went to a great class recently with a terrific model. We’ll be doing some figure sessions at ACAD in the next few weeks, so this was a great warm-up.

Coffee Shop - August 2018

We're in Calgary as of this month. It's only a week until school starts for both kiddo and myself, and I'm feeling pretty excited. This week I get to do fun stuff like registering Lyra with her school and picking up my student id and transit pass. I've managed to get out a few times in all the madness to work in my coffee shop book, but I may need to give it a new title. New locations include parks, libraries and Ikea - and I'm sure ACAD will also be a target in the near future.

Coffee Shop Creeping - March 2018

It's been a big month: now that I've been accepted into ACAD, we're prepping to sell our house and move to Calgary. That means there's not a lot of time for art making. With that said, I'm still making a point of visiting my favourite coffee shop once a week. Once the house is finally on the market, maybe I'll find time to complete the few projects I've left hanging.

Finally! Laying out.

I'm so excited to finally (finally!) be taking another step towards completing these two drawings. Starting just after New Year's, I began going to my local Starbucks once a week (with only a few missed dates), with the plan to compose a large drawing with the results. Really, I just wanted to brush up on my life drawing skills, and the hustle of a coffee line is a great place to do that.

As it turns out, I came to really love this project, and it became something I looked forward to every week. The result is that I have a lot more material to work with than I would have ever imagined, so now I get to do TWO drawings, instead of one.

The standing crowd is more or less set, unless I get some really great poses for the very back. The seated crowd is still pretty rough, with plans to include (lots of) coffee cups and bistro tables.

Have I mentioned I'm excited...? The next step after these are finalized is printing, then... I'll transfer them by hand. Can't wait!


I'm getting geared up to start using my sketchbook of coffee shop drawings, so I've been experimenting with how to draw and colour the end product. Consistent lines with a Micron pen? Thicker, varying lines with a dip pen? Coloured in pencil crayon, marker or watercolour? Maybe all three?

Coffee Shop Creeping

The weather's getting warmer - I'm going to miss the awesome winter coats.

Coffee Shop Sketching (+Other)

Most coffee shop patrons only give me their back, so I'm rolling with it. The plan is to do a large scale drawing with all these sketches at some point this year.

Library Playtime

I spent a fun few moments at the library during Kiddo’s school trip just trying to catch some of the kids playing. They move so fast (and so constantly)! It was a fun challenge for my 2017 figure drawing resolution. Also: was thinking of adding some lego pieces to Kiddo’s bedroom illustration. Sketches have me leaning towards just using wood blocks.


I've been working on my quick figure drawings, but they need work. All I can do is practice. Scanning these has told me something though: I need to return my scanner. It's missing a lot of colours and replacing them with greyscale, for some reason.