Finishing Up

This landscape is ready for delivery to Regina this weekend - just have to take photos, first.

Oh oh oh...!

15 ft. long colouring book? Yes, please!

That's That

This crazy, never ending drawing was started fourteen months ago. I set it aside for long stretches of time while I worked on other things, and it honestly felt like a huge weight around my neck every time I looked at it, because I knew that -really- I should just finish it already. Now it represents an entire year of my life. Strange. Anyway, I feel relieved. And I think I'll take photos tomorrow.



When I was revamping my website and going through photos of my paintings, I kept feeling like something was missing. And it was! I nearly forgot about this one. It was the only painting I completed post-baby (until recently), mostly because I felt I didn't have the long chunks of time I prefer when oil painting. It's sad (and goes to show how frazzled my mind was at the time) that this is the best photo I have. "Piles and Piles" went off to a good home shortly after this photo was taken.

Trouble In Paradise

This painting is making me bananas. When I see it, I want to throw things at it. Amongst whatever else is wrong with it, it's now overworked, and I don't know if I can save it. It bums me out, and I hate to give up, but this could be it.

It was the first painting I attempted in this landscape series, and so it was the least clearly defined going in, and I KNOW that not every painting works out... I just hate to be a quitter.