Nearly Post-Semester Catch-Up

The winter semester of my first year at ACAD has been a wild ride. They really don’t let up. Luckily, the end is in sight! Just one more drawing and I can take a break.

Colour Theory has been a particularly intense class. I’ve really enjoyed working with acrylic (something new to me as an oil painter), and I learned a lot from working with formal colour schemes. I even learnt something about myself: I heavily favour discordant colour schemes over harmonious.

In Orbit

We've started packing up the house for our move to Calgary. I managed to finished this drawing off just in time! I'm glad. It's probably the last panel I'll finish for some time.

Brooklyn Art Library Part III

Here's the last instalment of my story for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project.

Brooklyn Art Library Part II

Here's another instalment of my story for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project.

279 Patrons, But Where's Waldo?

I couldn't resist. Where IS Waldo...?

This drawing is about three by four feet, on Stonehenge, drawn with acrylic ink, acrylic paint, watercolour, pencil crayon and copic markers. I'm so pleased to be be finished with it.

RUH Landscape Completed

My experience painting live at the RUH Foundation's Masquerade Ball was very interesting - I was surprised to find that I mostly tuned out the guests behind me and went about my business. It was much like painting at home (but with nicer clothes).

This landscape still has some drying to do, but I hope the winner will be pleased.


Beaver Creek Finished

I'm so pleased with this little narrative of a recent family adventure. It's quite different from anything I've done before, both in subject matter, and watercolour style.


I've been working on these drawings from a trip to Beaver Creek on and off for the last month or so. Initially, I was just going to do some light washes of colour. Well. I left it like that for about a week before I came back to my desk and threw in some shadows. A week later, I started adding in little details. Today I went all out. Now I'm 'really done for real, this time,' but I've got a feeling I'll find something wrong with it tomorrow.

Sweet Crane Babies

I started these four panels quite suddenly, in a mad frenzy of activity, and finished all four in less than a week. It must be some kind of record for me.

Floral Finished

I picked up another bouquet and made a push to finish this floral still life for my portfolio. I've never done much with pencil crayons, certainly never on a heavier paper like this, and I've also never worked on black, so this was an interesting challenge for me. The end result is something I'm very happy with: I feel like the drawing has a lot of life to it, the flowers are identifiable even though I had fun with the colours, and I like the quirky balance of the layout. It'll make a great addition to my portfolio.

Finishing Up

This landscape is ready for delivery to Regina this weekend - just have to take photos, first.

A Herd of Cranes

As my friend helpfully informed me, a group of cranes is called a 'herd.' Just finished these up today, and I'm very pleased with the result. It truly tested my self-restraint to let them float in space, rather than filling nearly every bit of wood.