Design Challenge - Robots 1 - 20

My first year at ACAD was a really wild ride, and now that I’m into the spring semester (with only a single art history class - no studios!), I’m really devoting a lot of time to personal projects. It feels like I’ve got a long list of artist housekeeping, including documentation of last year’s school work, which I’ll hopefully have done in the next week.

My favourite project right now is a 100 Robot Design Challenge. I’m using this to help me develop my digital painting skills, since I made a big end-of-year splurge and bought myself a Wacom pen display. I expect to use my Wacom quite a bit in the coming school year, but only if I know what I’m doing! Having a focus like the robot project is really helping me while I explore different styles and techniques. Eventually I want to venture in working with vectors, but its all rasters for now…

The first twenty robots went pretty quickly, with each set of ten coloured with the same palette and brushes. Evan tells me my robots are too organic for his taste.