Portfolio Building

I was playing with ink washes the other day, considering doing a small landscape narrative for my portfolio, and these are the result.


This poor drawing has become the project I work on between projects. But I made a big push today, and there are only two panels to go.

Working outside

I took this sketchbook to Canada Day with me and had a great time sketching the party-goers at Wascana Park in Regina.  

Sweet Crane Babies

I started these four panels quite suddenly, in a mad frenzy of activity, and finished all four in less than a week. It must be some kind of record for me.

Floral Finished

I picked up another bouquet and made a push to finish this floral still life for my portfolio. I've never done much with pencil crayons, certainly never on a heavier paper like this, and I've also never worked on black, so this was an interesting challenge for me. The end result is something I'm very happy with: I feel like the drawing has a lot of life to it, the flowers are identifiable even though I had fun with the colours, and I like the quirky balance of the layout. It'll make a great addition to my portfolio.

Floral Still Life

This floral drawing has taken me some time, as I've chosen to work from live flowers, rather than photos. It's nearly done, just waiting for a few small tweaks. I've never worked on black paper before, and found it quite interesting. It hurt my brain to have to think about shadows in reverse.

Beaver Creek Adventuring

The fam took advantage of today's mild weather and went out to Beaver Creek. We explored, kiddo sat down with me to draw some wild flowers, two(!) chickadees landed on me, hoping for seeds, and I took some photos for an upcoming landscape project. It was a good day.

Birthday Flashback

Going back to my wonderful birthday: earlier this month I spent a lovely afternoon in the sun, drawing by the river in downtown Saskatoon. I'm so pleased to have come away with a drawing that is easily recognizable (though the sunburn wasn't as appreciated).


I'm getting geared up to start using my sketchbook of coffee shop drawings, so I've been experimenting with how to draw and colour the end product. Consistent lines with a Micron pen? Thicker, varying lines with a dip pen? Coloured in pencil crayon, marker or watercolour? Maybe all three?

Finishing Up

This landscape is ready for delivery to Regina this weekend - just have to take photos, first.

A New Bouquet

If ever I decide a tattoo is something I absolutely must have, this is what I'll ask the artist to work from. This was the last bouquet I had around the house before my trip to Ontario in April - after this trial, I moved onto working on better paper.

Eerie Sculptures

We were in Regina over Easter and stopped at the Mackenzie to see a memorial exhibition of native artwork from across North America. The entire show was really great, but what really grabbed me were the incredible carvings. A number were grouped together that were particularly odd and fanciful. My favourite may have been the 'were rabbit.'

Black Paper

My flower still life side-project has finally moved onto the good paper. I’ve never worked on black before, but I’m really loving it, even it I feel like I’m channeling Zachary Logan a bit much, and even if it twists my brain, somewhat. It’s fun to watch this progress as I started with a small cluster and am now adding one flower at a time, depending on what I have in the house. I splurged on a big bouquet today that I’m really excited to get working on.

Monster Ring

Ring? Wreath? Tube? Donut? I think I may make another.

"One of Each" 2017. Acrylic Paint and Ink on Wood Panel, 20" x 20"


I'm finding my floral still life sketchbook oddly fulfilling and zen-like. There's an awesome side-effect of always having flowers on my dining room table...

Coffee Shop Creeping

The weather's getting warmer - I'm going to miss the awesome winter coats.