Design Challenge - Robots 71-80

Design Challenge - Robots 61-70

Design Challenge - Robots 51-60

Design Challenge - Robots 41 - 50

Design Challenge - Robots 31 - 40

Design Challenge - Robots 21 - 30

Colour Theory Final

My class on colour theory finished with a three week project that evolved around a single landscape that we designed and painted in a prescribed list of twelve different colour schemes. As usual, I made this assignment more difficult for myself when I chose a fairly complicated image.

If I could suggest one change to ACAD’s first year studies curriculum, it would be that this class be made mandatory for the BFA students, as well as BDes. I learned an awful lot about colour mixing and interactions, and generally gained a stronger grasp of painting with acrylics, simply by having done so much of it.

Design Challenge - Robots 1 - 20

My first year at ACAD was a really wild ride, and now that I’m into the spring semester (with only a single art history class - no studios!), I’m really devoting a lot of time to personal projects. It feels like I’ve got a long list of artist housekeeping, including documentation of last year’s school work, which I’ll hopefully have done in the next week.

My favourite project right now is a 100 Robot Design Challenge. I’m using this to help me develop my digital painting skills, since I made a big end-of-year splurge and bought myself a Wacom pen display. I expect to use my Wacom quite a bit in the coming school year, but only if I know what I’m doing! Having a focus like the robot project is really helping me while I explore different styles and techniques. Eventually I want to venture in working with vectors, but its all rasters for now…

The first twenty robots went pretty quickly, with each set of ten coloured with the same palette and brushes. Evan tells me my robots are too organic for his taste.

Nearly Post-Semester Catch-Up

The winter semester of my first year at ACAD has been a wild ride. They really don’t let up. Luckily, the end is in sight! Just one more drawing and I can take a break.

Colour Theory has been a particularly intense class. I’ve really enjoyed working with acrylic (something new to me as an oil painter), and I learned a lot from working with formal colour schemes. I even learnt something about myself: I heavily favour discordant colour schemes over harmonious.

Botanical Gardens

My drawing class made a trip to the Devonian Gardens this week, in preparation for our next project, which will be an information pen and ink drawing.

Figure Drawing

From ‘figure drawing for fun’ to ‘figure drawing for class,’ and lots of it. But this was all very enjoyable: a few pages of planar figures, and a few more of tonal. We were able to draw at our leisure for this assignment, working from photos or imagination, rather than live models.

Figure Drawing for Fun

I went to a great class recently with a terrific model. We’ll be doing some figure sessions at ACAD in the next few weeks, so this was a great warm-up.

Sketchbook Project 2019 - Vol. 3

The winter holidays were go-time to finish my second book for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project. What a super project it was! After a semester of non-stop micro-planning for every assignment, it was wonderful to work on something so intuitive and fun.

Zoo Drawing!

My new favourite place to draw this year is the Calgary zoo. Kiddo recently decided she feels the same. :)

Design School

More than halfway through my first semester at ACAD, I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. I’ve learned that success in my perspective-based drawing class is all about solid preparation, design fundamentals is much more challenging than I expected, and that I didn’t miss English class as much as I thought I did. I miss having time for my own practice, but I’m really learning a lot.

Coffee Shop - August 2018

We're in Calgary as of this month. It's only a week until school starts for both kiddo and myself, and I'm feeling pretty excited. This week I get to do fun stuff like registering Lyra with her school and picking up my student id and transit pass. I've managed to get out a few times in all the madness to work in my coffee shop book, but I may need to give it a new title. New locations include parks, libraries and Ikea - and I'm sure ACAD will also be a target in the near future.

In Orbit

We've started packing up the house for our move to Calgary. I managed to finished this drawing off just in time! I'm glad. It's probably the last panel I'll finish for some time.